Ladies and gentlemen with no further adieu, Moneyland Ent. in association with Grammy® nominated 8trix production presents Yung Dulz. This up and coming hip-hop artist hails from the D.M.V (D.C, Moneyland, Virginia). He puts the M (in bold face underline type) in D.M.V. Ronald "88" Utley (Super-producer of Grammy nominated 8trix production), stated "Dulz has a sound that can be respected across the board. From the hungry dudes in the street to the 9 to 5 grinders in the workplace". In other words Yung Dulz defines "the grind" on all levels.

Yung Dulz is finishing up production on his upcoming debut album "M.O.E (Money Over Everything)". "M.O.E" consist of production from super-producers Ronald "88" Utley and Chris Wright of the Grammy Nominated 8trix Production, V12 "Da Hitman" (Atl) of the Aphiliates, G-Cino of Hyghgrade Music, and Flame. "M.O.E" is the third installment of the "Welcome to Moneyland" series, which consists of the "Welcome to Moneyland" mixtapes volume 1 & 2 hosted by DMV legend "Da Supa Funkregulata Celo" and the debut album "M.O.E (Money Over Everything)".

Born at Howard University Hospital to two hard working parents from Sierra Leone ( a country on the coast of West Africa). Dulz in no stranger to the word "Grind" watching his parents stuggle to provide for his family here in the DC metro area as well as back home in Sierra Leone. Raised in PG county Maryland (aka Moneyland) Dulz learned at a early age that you gotta have more than one grind in order to make it out here. That's the mentality and approach that Yung Dulz and Moneyland Ent are taking with their campaign in this rap game. Dulz states "with the creation of the "Welcome to Moneyland" series were just trying to leave our stamp on the underground music game at the same time take our grind to the next level and to heights never before seen".

His music speaks for itself from the hard hitting production, to his ability to aggressively play on words while inspiring and motivating others to " Go for yours". Coming from the DMV Yung Dulz has a mission to put Moneyland and PG County on the map. He is quoted as saying "yeah I rep for P.G. off of G.P. when you see me I'm networking like your PC" (line from upcoming ME project). His determination, drive to succeed, and work ethic is like no other. He paints lyrical pictures and puts his blood, sweat, and tears in every song. Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you YUNG DULZ. "For all of y'all who know me, you already know what it is. For those of y'all who don't “GET FAMILIAR" (Yung Dulz).